Board of Directors

UNA San Francisco is a California non-profit corporation with a membership that elects the Board of Directors. Currently the Board has 9 members. Here they are in alphabetical order with short statements from each.

Pablo Castro, UNA-SF PresidentPablo Castro – President

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to United Nations Association of San Francisco.

I am a firm believer that people of the world can make things better if people work together. That is what I see in the United Nations: 193 states meeting and debating the present and the future. All those countries are working together to improve health, hunger, human rights, working conditions, education, and more. Yet peace keeping efforts remains as one of the most important global tasks.

Most people are unfamiliar with what the United Nations work is, even though the programs are for the benefit of all including those who do not believe nor support the organization. Climate change, environmental protection, assistance with major disasters, feeding refugees and even protecting the forests and the sea; these are all programs of the United Nations. Less people know that the United Nations is also fighting diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, AIDS and Polio. There are only three countries in the world left with Polio. The UN and others NGOs will eradicate polio from the face of the earth in just a couple of years.

I believe in the concept of the United Nations, but we the people need to educate and promote its work. Society’s primary focus should be the younger generation which will soon need to confront the challenges that the planet already faces. We must educate our youth as they are our future. Contact:

Mary SteinerMary Steiner – Vice President

Mary Steiner has served as the chair of multiple UNA SF events and programs, including the 70th UN Day Celebration held in San Francisco in 2015 at the San Francisco War Memorial and Peforming Art Center, and the UN 71s Anniversary Celebration in 2016 held at Fort Mason.  Her expertise is developing international educational programs.

The United Nations Association USA is her means to support the purpose of the United Nations, which is peace.

Ken Coelho – Public Relations DirectorKen Coehlo

Ken lives in San Francisco and maintains close ties to the San Francisco Diplomatic Community. He was elected to the UNA-SF Board of Directors in June, 2016, and serves on the UN 71 and Communications Committee. He works on LGBT, healthcare and human rights advocacy and currently serves on the Alameda County Health Commission and the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking. He has lived in Bahrain, India, Romania and the United Kingdom, and studied at the University of California, Berkeley, University of California, San Francisco and the University of Cambridge, UK. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering, traveling and being outdoors.

Jim Church – Communications Directormicro0.6604187

Jim is a librarian at the University of California Berkeley where he specializes in economics, global poverty, development studies, and international government information. He has worked with United Nations Information for over 25 years and in that capacity serves as the chair of the International Federation of Library Assocations (IFLA) Government Information and Official Publications Section.  He was elected to the UNA-SF Board of Directors in June, 2016 and maintains the chapter web sites, facebook, and social media accounts.


Fedor Ovchinnikov

Fyodor is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership – a social enterprise that builds leadership capacity in public, private, and social sectors to address world’s pressing challenges through cultural and institutional redesign. As Mentor and Board Member of Oakland’s award-winning cooperative business accelerator Uptima Business Bootcamp and the main driving force behind Academy of Management’s prestigious Entrepreneurship Practice Award Fyodor helps define and promote the role of entrepreneurship in creating a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

Jocelyn Pittel

Jocelyn Pittel

Humanitarian, activist, International Project Developer, specializes in fundraising and creating public/private partnerships. Has excellent operational, financial, marketing and product development skills. Held positions as senior corporate executive giving her a breadth of knowledge in finance, business and organizational structures. Worked on funding many development projects in South Africa, Asia and South America for over 25 years. Member Board of Directors Afghanistan Impact Alliance; Rotary Club. Strong commitment to social needs and social impact projects.


Nelson C. Barry III, Esq.

Mr. Barry is a native of San Francisco who graduated from UC Berkeley and Hastings College of the Law. In 1979 he started his law practice with a prestigious civil defense firm in San Francisco and in 1992 he opened his own office, Law Office of Nelson C. Barry III, specializing in representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. He has tried numerous cases and represented his clients in hundreds of arbitrations and mediations. He has also served as the arbitrator or mediator in over 2,000 cases. In 2013, Mr. Barry decided to wind down his law practice in order to pursue something that he could be more passionate about. In 2014 he started to focus on environmentalism, particularly on global warming. Since then Mr. Barry has devoted significant time to educating himself and others about the facts of the climate crisis and its interrelatedness to spiritual and social justice issues. He is an supporter of the Pachamama Alliance, a co-leader of its San Francisco community group and a facilitator of its Awakening the Dreamer Symposium. Mr. Barry is also a supporter of IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and a co-leader of its San Francisco community group. He is a member of Unity Church where he serves in several rolls. He became a board member of the United Nations Association of San Francisco in 2016, where he continues his focus on dissemination of important climate issues. He attended the UN Climate Conference (COP22) in Paris in 2015 which was greatly enriched his commitment to supporting the movement toward environmental sustainability.

Bronwyn GallowayBronwyn Galloway

My first knowledge of United Nations was during my childhood (1970s) when my mother told me she once dreamed of being a UN ambassador. During my graduate studies in Public Speaking, I took an emphasis in Women’s Studies and learned of the United Nations World Conferences on Women and was inspired to become an activist by Beijing’s Platform for Action. Before I graduated law school I received a Public Interest Certificate for 800 internship hours at Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN), a Non-Governmental Organization consultative to the United Nations. WIN’s founder introduced me to UNA-SF.

The above education and interning qualifies me to work with UNA. Moreover, I have been a Board of Director with UNA-SF since 2009, including as Executive Secretary plus Chair of its Women’s Committee. I would like to continue serving on the Board of UNA-SF and strengthen our Women’s Committee, perhaps merging with UN Women San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. In March 2013, with delegate status, I attended the 57th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York City. Before joining UNA-USA, I was a member of USAFICA NGO in Oregon, then a board member and editor of the Newsletter of AFIDE, a UN-related NGO based in Vienna with Consultative status in ECOSOC and observer status with UNIDO.

Karen Melander-MagoonKaren Melander-Magoon

Karen earned her Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Union/San Francisco Theological Seminary. Currently, she guests as minister at Unitarian Universalist Fellowships and chairs the San Francisco Unitarian Universalist Forum Sunday mornings. She also plays and sings for retirement communities, and is a poet with the Revolutionary Poets Brigade, focusing on using the pen to work for peace and justice in the world.

A graduate in Music from Indiana University, with a Masters in Education/Counseling from Boston University, Karen spent two decades singing major roles, including Rosina in Barber of Seville, Marguerite in Faust, Norina in Don Pasquale, Adele in Fledermaus, among many others in European Theaters.  She also taught voice as a professor at the University of Augsburg. When she returned to the states, she married a vintner, Orville Magoon, and spent seventeen years telling the story of Guenoc Winery, writing musical portraits of women:  Lillie Langtry, Georgia O’Keeffe, Clara Barton, and Colette, and many other songs.  She also has continued to perform, often staging and singing her own performances of the musical portraits she has written.

Her international focus began as a child Sunday afternoons, when their family table was filled with professionals from all over the world who worked with the YMCA in the northwest. In high school Karen won an award which took her to the United Nations on a bus tour with 25 other students. She is excited to be working with the SF UNA Board to further the goals of the United Nations for international understanding and peace.

Keiko NelsonKeiko Nelson

I want to support the United Nations Artists Committee (UNA) by offering my artistic talent on its art projects. I will do whatever I can to support both the local and the international community, and to help promote world peace.

I supervised a UNA art project last year. My experience as an art professional has included extensive international travel. I have collaborated with other professionals who also support the UNA. Also, I was appointed to the role of Kyoto International Tourism Ambassador two years ago, and have been involved in many interesting communications between Japan and the US. I have been artistically involved in the “Visit Japan” project in February 2013 in SF’s Union Square, and am the President and founder of an organization called Kyoto-kai in the Bay Area. My public art has been commissioned both internationally and here in the US.

I want to offer my artistic vision and experience to the UNA committee. I believe that my talent and experience, along with my ability to work with people from both local and international groups, make me a good candidate for the United Nations Association Art Committee. Contact

Rebeca Sanchez
Rebeca Sanchez
Rebeca Sanchez has dedicated her professional career to the field of finance. Upon her graduation from the University of Miami, Rebeca worked as a financial analyst for the wealth management firm Guggenheim Partners. She was offered a scholarship to obtain her graduate degree in Europe, where she obtained a Masters Degree in Finance. Upon completing her studies Rebeca traveled around the world to 32 different countries. Upon her return she obtained a job as a commodities trader for the largest private company in the world, Cargill. Currently she is working for Women’s Global Leadership Initiative, helping women attain leadership positions.