Equal Pay Day in San Francisco

Notes from Nicole Rangel on the press conference at San Francisco City Hall, April 14, 2015,  for Equal Pay Day

Roger Eaton and I attended this event and it was great!

I wanted to share some notes with you on the attendees:

Cathy Corcoran, AAUW President

Cathy Corcoran, AAUW President

SF Board of Supervisors (who voted that same day on a Resolution)
Equal Rights Advocates
Bay Area Equal Pay Coalition
US Dept of Labor
Ca Commission on the Status of Women
SF Commission on the Status of Women

and on related legislation proposals that we may want to show our support for:

SB 358 the Ca Fair Pay Act
AB 1454 the Statewide Equal Pay Ordinance

as well as the Federal Paycheck Fairness Acts which will update the Equal Pay Act from 1973.

I also learned that the “Cities for CEDAW” campaign incorporates equal pay rights which is great for SF!

Roberta Guise of AAUW

Roberta Guise of AAUW

I also wanted to share what I thought was the most maddening statistic (from Equal Rights Advocates) which is that California Latinas have the worst pay gap making only 44% of what a white man earns and not reaching their equal pay day until well into October of this year. Meaning that in October of this year, Ca Latinas paid at that rate will earn what white men in their jobs earned in 2014.

And here is a link to an article on the Press Conference published April 15 in the SF Chronicle.

(Nicole Rangel and Roger Eaton are both UNA-SF Directors.)

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