Human Rights Committee

Mission & Purpose:  
The pursuit of human rights was a driving force for creating the United Nations. Today, one of the stated aims of the UN includes promoting and facilitating cooperation in human rights. The committee’s purpose is to educate the public on human rights issues and the matters involving them. This would be accomplished through organizing public discussions, planning social events and arranging lectures that focus on current human right issues.

The committee would be divided into the three following departments:

  1. Human Rights News- Stay up to date with human rights’ burning issues. This department would focus on delivering new human rights issues to the chapter’s members by planning lectures, writing blogs, preparing newsletters, etc.
  2. Social Events- Would keep our chapter on the map with the most relevant human rights focused events. This department would plan international human rights day events to create public awareness and inspire the chapter’s members to support the vital work of the United Nations.
  3. Organization Outreach- Connect with other human rights committees and similarly minded organizations. This department will be in touch with similar committees/organizations in the U.S and will collaborate to create joint events, newsletters and meetings.

Committee Activities
The committee was established on December 2012 and has been meeting regularly twice a month ever since. The committee planned an international women’s day event on March 8th that was held at Fort Mason Center. Each of the committee members leveraged its expertise. Some worked on the donations and sponsorships while others reached out to women organizations, musicians, dancers and speakers.

These days the committee is working on summer lectures series that will start on June 2013. The committee will be celebrating the world refugee day, world population day and UN World Humanitarian Day with professional and experts from different backgrounds.

Anna Wirth, Chair

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HRC at 2013 IWD

Human Rights Committee et al at 2013 IWD Celebration