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Ever since I came to this part of the world, I observed with great interest that Israel and Palestine were having difficulties understanding each other.  Perhaps I should say Israel appeared to understand things in one way and Palestine in another. At the time, I thought if the United Nations would bring them together to a summit discussion, an intelligent solution could be arranged and both sides would live as good neighbors for a long time. I am saddened at how far away we are from this idea reaching fruition.

Years have gone by and I see in the news that these two neighbors, every couple of years, shoot at each other and the violent conflict begins all over again.

Yes, I know I am simplifying.

In short, forty years and many conflicts later, the bombing is still going on, with perhaps a bit more sophistication; designer weapons, designer robots and more people getting killed at the other side of a wall. Not even close to an intelligent solution.

Reports of conflict dominate the news, some true and some not, but always with one side blaming the other.  The US has tried to develop peace plans, however, it appears that others want the war to continue; good for business, I guess. I happen to think that humans either do things for money or for love. Sure, you can find other reasons, but humans seem to work essentially based on those two basic concepts.

Yes, I know, you might say that things are more complicated than that; we already know that. Things are made more complicated by humans as they introduce politics, racism, discrimination, economics, religion and so on; in whatever order you would like to use.

I really think that these two groups will never find a solution. I think that young people may be closer to finding a solution than older folks. Today’s youth are tired of the conflicts where the older generation is still stuck in their traditions.

There are some ideas on how to take care of the problem, but the solutions would be too drastic and humans are certainly not prepared for them. The United Nations could try to propose ideas, but as soon as the ideas get to the Security Council, most of them would be vetoed, which is the norm these days. So, the conflict will never be resolved, unless of course…a drastic and intelligent idea comes up.

Pablo Castro

Pablo Castro, President UNA-SF

Upon second thought, that mere idea of peace itself may be rejected. Those who profit from war and others who do not care if there is peace perpetuate the ongoing conflict both actively and passively, respectively.  I fear that in the end, peace may only exist in literature and never play out in reality.

Peace to you and be well.

Pablo Castro