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From the President:

Sharing from San Francisco

From UNA San Francisco

As the world approaches another “end of the year”, I want to reflect on some of the traditions that somehow mean more than all the bad news we get.

No matter how far our love ones live nor how much snow and rain there is, nor the hours we will wait at the airport, we will try to go there and share some hugs, family arguments, football on TV, memories, great meals and walks. In some cases, the trips are sometimes the last opportunity to see the old folks and that makes it more important.

I am not fond of traditions, I should confess, but visiting parents, sisters and brothers, grandma and grandpa and the grand kids is such a great joy, that I am willing to admire the tradition of Thanksgiving.

I also seem to like Christmas, a little, not that much; I am one of those who thinks about the poor while having dinner (sorry) and I do not get to enjoy those holidays that much for that reason.  I also remembered that some long time ago, there was nothing to eat in my house on Christmas Night and I had 3 younger and hungry brothers to live with; my father had recently lost his job. On Christmas Day, there were no toys to unwrap and no cookies, no cake, no milk.

I do think that getting together and sharing is a wonderful thing though, but it does not have to be just on 2 occasions, it should be all the time.

I would like to suggest support for new global tradition that one day the whole world would share what this planet offers, including the love that humans are able to give and receive from each other, regardless of color, gender or race. We will share the food, the animals, the tools and knowledge that people created over the years. We will have no conflicts to hurt each other with, we will practice diversity and tolerance and we will exchange gifts with people from all over the world and congratulate each other for having a great year and no wars, no refugees, fresh water and clean air.

Pablo Castro

Pablo Castro, President UNA-S

Well, I better stop here; it is wonderful to dream.

Anyway, please be well and have a great Thanksgiving Day wherever you are and who ever you are, wherever you came from and… share.

Pablo Castro